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Eöl. Just Eöl. He doesn't have a nickname because he doesn't have any friends. (origin unknown, but presumed Avarin) 'dark elf'. When he needs to use a name among humans, he goes by Owen.

Player name

Player contact
fimbrethiel @ yahoo.com 


Physical Characteristics and Appearance
Average height for an Elf. Slender. Black hair, grey eyes, favors thick black eyeliner. Heavily tattooed. One of his many pieces is a large portrait of Aredhel on his chest.

Eöl is secretive and sneaky. He stirs up trouble wherever he goes. A born malcontent, trouble follows him wherever he goes. 

Hobbies and Interests
meteorites, sowing discord, death metal, tattoos, Dwarves, obsessing over Aredhel's betrayal, self medication

Personal History
Eöl was born Middle-earth in the Years of the Trees and died in Gondolin in 400 FA.

He was very skilled in sword making and from the iron of a meteorite forged two of the most infamous swords in history. One of these swords, Anglachel, later gained fame as the blade used by Túrin Turambar to slay Beleg Cúthalion. He also invented a very strong metal called galvorn, which he used to fashion armor for himself

Eöl spent his early years in Doriath before settling outside the Girdle of Melian in the forest of Nan Elmoth. He found Aredhel, the sister of King Turgon of Gondolin, lost in the woods, and 'took her to wife,' a thin euphemism for 'coercion with dubious sexual consent'. Aredhel later bore Eöl a son and named him Maeglin.

While Eöl was away visiting the Dwarves, Aredhel took Maeglin and ran away. This angered Eöl, as he loved his wife and son, and he set out in search of them.

(Eöl's definition of 'love' is a bit skewed and more closely resembles obsession and possession than anything, but whatever.)

He followed Aredhel to Gondolin. He was taken to King Turgon and requested permission to take Maeglin and leave the city. Turgon refused and gave Eöl the ultimatum to either swear fealty to the king, or die. Eöl decided on a third option - to kill Maeglin instead. This was not generally considered a well conceived decision, but no one ever claimed that Eöl was the sharpest blade in the armory.

Eöl threw a poisoned dart at Maeglin, but Aredhel stepped in front of it and was struck instead. Allegedly, she attempted to plead with her brother Turgon to spare Eöl's life, but died from her wound before she could speak. Eöl was then cast from the cliffs above Gondolin and died. Eöl's death caused much rejoicing among the Gondolindrim, because he was a right hateful bastard.

Eöl spent the next few millennia in Mandos. After his release, he wasted no time departing Aman. He hates the Noldor with the intensity of a thousand silmarils, and he blames Turgon and all his kin for Aredhel's death, conveniently ignoring his own part in that debacle.

For the past ten years he has traveled around the underbelly of Europe drinking, drugging, and whoring, never staying in one place long, and metaphorically licking his wounds over Aredhel's betrayal. He loves her, he hates her, and he can't decide which he feels more. He's very confused.

- - 

If The Hobbit says that Elves can get drunk, then they should also be able to get high. It would just take much more to reach that effect. Not that most Elves would want to, but Eöl is self-destructive enough to do it.  J )

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Ingame avatar:  Ville Valo

I'm sorry Ville, I really do love you.


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